Govt offers visa fee discount for study

1 Feb 2015, Kathmandu – Students of Nepali origin residing in Thailand and Myanmar can now get education visa to Nepal by paying 25 US dollar annually.
The programme is expected to benefit around 600,000 students of Nepali origin living in Thailand and Myanmar.
Applicants will have to submit the proof of their Nepali lineage to get the visa .

The decision was taken by the secretary level meeting of the government on January 16, following the request made by the Nepali diaspora in Thailand and Myanmar.
Khagendra Raj Dhakal, chairman of the Thailand chapter of Non-Resident Nepali (NRN), said in a statement that the decision has opened the door to even those students of Nepali origin whose families had migrated to Thailand and Myanmar three generations earlier. Only  those students with NRN status used to get such facility earlier.
There are around 500,000 people of Nepali origin in Myanmar and nearly 100,000 in Thailand.

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